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Reviews and Comments


"This land at the summit of New Hampshire is large and wild and very special; so is its evocation in these pages. Instigators Odence and Van Wie and their merry band of friends, with Dartmouth College and friendships formed there at their collective core, write well and, dare it be said, charmingly about their times together in the far American north.


"The passage of the human seasons is as evident in these reminiscences as it always is along the Dead Diamond River. The memories differ (as memories do), and that's all to the good. The inspirations differ too, from Corey Ford and Norman Maclean and E.B. White to Edward Hoagland and Henry David Thoreau to Moe, Larry and Curly. It is the book's blessing that Van Wie is a fine photographer with a poetic eye, while Odence and Chamberlin are his equals in illustration. The Second College Grant, a realm of rippling waters and pointed firs, can be a cold place at any time of the year. This, however, is a constantly warm, regularly moving reflection."


-Robert Sullivan, author of Flight of the Reindeer and A Child's Christmas in New England, January 2016



"Read a chapter or two of the Confluence when you have a free moment. You will certainly find a lot to like in this collection of stories and reflections, especially if you have a connection to Dartmouth, have visited the Dartmouth Grant, or just enjoy fly-fishing a favorite remote stream. Moreover, this book will resonate with anyone who appreciates the camaraderie that develops among good friends who get together year after year and, to their credit, decade after decade."


- Lou Zambello, author of Flyfishing Northern New England’s Seasons


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