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Keeps getting realer

It's great to see the listing on Amazon, now complete with cover graphic. (There are still a few bugs--we are listed as Editors rather than Authors--but it looks good.) The Confluence is listed on a few other retail distribution sites, UPNE (for booksellers), and Goodreads too.

Meanwhile, you can't believe the sweat that goes into eliminating every typo, assuring complete consistency, selecting every perfect word, and...just getting to final final copy. Between Pat's first editing, Dale's comprehensive line edits, and countless reads by Dave and Phil and each of the Boys on their own stuff, it's amazing that we are still finding stuff to tweak.

But by definition, that's all over in the next couple of days as we will put a lid on it and move on to book design. It all needs to come to together by the end of the year. May 3 seems far away, but evidently this is the required timetable to get to press.

In parallel, we are doing the ground work to line up reviews, contributed articles, book talks and other channels to get the word out to readers and booksellers. All very exciting, but, well, too bad we have day jobs. Stay tuned.

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