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Annotated Table of Contents



Kind words from Lou Zambello, Author of

"Flyfishing Northern New England’s Seasons"

Introduction: At The Confluence 

How a book happens.

Coming Together

The Boys, their paths and the rivers

that converge at the Confluence.

The Origin 

Phil’s story of an inept encounter

with an epic hatch in the Grant.

An Eddy in Time

Guy's stroll through the history of the Grant,

a visit from President Eisenhower, and some

fascinating excerpts from the cabin log books.

Of Wild Rivers and Wild Trout  

An overview of the landscape, hydrology, weather, and ecology of the wild trout in the Diamond River watersheds.

The Hellgate Years    

Early years in the Hellgate Hilton cabin with a story of a near disaster from an unexpected flood.

The Quartermaster’s Lament

Bob's exploration of the almost insurmountable challenges of shopping for food and beer for the Boys.

Catch and Release   

Guy and Phil's discussion of why we don't eat the trout.

Art & Lit in the Grant 

Surprising but true commentary on artistic and literary pursuits in the North Woods.

The Year of The Kids  

How Phil's wife and kids ended up in the Grant and why most of them won't come back.

The Hag Trout of Coos County 

Norm's tall-ish tale of the incredible Hag Trout in Diamond Gorge, with nods to Frost and Thoreau.

Thinking on the Fly

The Boys take on: "What one fly would you take to the Grant?"  Plus valuable Grant fishing advice.

A Case for Unwaders 

The reasoning behind Phil's quirky choice to fish without waders.

Privy to Privies

More than you ever needed to know about outhouses.

The Fallen Soldier 

A dramatic story of search and rescue from two perspectives.

The One Fish

Phil’s hard-earned lesson from a wily ol' trout.

Doug’s Rock

Guy’s reflection on being a brother when life deals some tragic blows.

Standing Waves

Billy's harrowing story of a canoe trip gone awry and how the Dead Diamond almost earned its name.

Late To The Party

Ed's revelations on how he got himself invited.

The Make-Up Trip

 How life intruded in the trip and forced us to enjoy September in the Grant.

The Best Arrival

A big surprise that awaited Norm and Phil.   


The simplicity of Tenkara fishing.        

Boys, Wine and Bullshit    

Wine tasting in an unusual setting…plus insights.

Dog Days

Backwoods adventures of Bob’s four-legged sidekick.

City Boy

Norm's amusement at being mistaken for a woodsman. 

Standing in The River

In-stream vignettes that span the 20+ years of fishing and friendship in the Grant.

Meet The Boys of the Grant 

Turnoffs and turn-ons. 

The Witch of Coos

A reprint of Frost’s classic.

Photo by Phil Odence of table in Sam's Cabin in the Dartmouth College Grant
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